Attention Future Voice Over Pros: Top voice over coach Bill DeWees shows how quickly and simply you can…

“Talk and Grow Rich!”

How To Make $100,000 a Year or More in Your Voice Over Business Working at Home, and Have the Time of Your Life Doing It!

It’s all possible using the voice over multi-touch marketing system.

In this training, you’ll see one of my top ways to move you toward the six-figure mark within the next 12 months.

It’s called the voice over multi-touch marketing system.

This differs from what you’re likely familiar with because it gets you new voice over gigs by putting you in front of people looking to hire voice over artists right away. 

And as you’ll see, it’s the key to driving leads, sales, and revenue in your voice over business in {{YYYY}}.

The nice thing is it doesn’t require you to be technical or have to become a social media influencer. 

And when you take action on what I'll teach you...

You'll be on the path towards the six figure mark, whether you’re new to voice over or a seasoned pro.

So, if you want to talk and grow rich, pay close attention to what I’ll share on this page.

The first thing I want you to know is an… 

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Bill DeWees
Top Voice Over Professional
Creator of the Voice Over Blueprint™
RE: The Six-Figure Marketing Edge™
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Dear future voice over pro!

Hey, it’s Bill DeWees…

Voice over professional and author.

I’m excited for this training I’ve put together for you.
You won’t want to miss this because I’m revealing my complete multi-touch voice over marketing system.

This is the same system I’ve developed over the past decade to market my own voice over business, which has generated well over seven figures.

Because this is my personal marketing system, the recordings are only available until Friday, March 22nd at midnight PST

Now, let’s get into the details…

In 90 minutes, you’ll walk away from this training having…

The Six-Figure Marketing Edge™!

Most voice over training today solely focuses on the performance aspect of voice over.

While this is important, it’s only one part of running a wildly profitable voice over business.

In today’s fast-paced world of voice over, there are more challenges than ever before.

With the slumping economy, clients' budgets are tightening, and there’s more voice over talent than ever before.

Not to mention most job platforms are becoming more crowded.

The old way of getting voice over gigs could be more effective in {{YYYY}}.

Today’s voice over business landscape is constantly evolving. 

You want to be proactive and have voice over gigs consistently in the pipeline and ready to go.

One of the best ways to do this is with a multi-touch method.

My voice over multi-touch marketing

system does just that!

Its power is in the multi-touch approach using the latest direct response marketing techniques.
After being a voice over professional for the past 18 years, recording over 10,000 paid voice over projects, I’ve tested many marketing techniques.

What you’ll get from this live training is my complete direct response marketing system and what’s working now in {{YYYY}}.

My marketing has made me multiple seven figures during my career, and you can be sure you’ll be on the path to six figures pretty quickly when you take action on what you'll learn in this training.

My system is easy to implement and take action on.

You can do this in less than 30 minutes daily.

Feel good knowing you’re filling your pipeline with potential new voice over business without working harder.

Now you can…

Become Highly Effective Using Direct Response Marketing to Drive More Lead Flow, Sales, and Revenue! 

Here’s what you’ll discover in this 90-minute training…
  • How to effectively use direct response marketing to enter the cold market. Now you can quickly start filling up your pipeline with high-quality voice over prospects.
  • ​Discover the TOP 8 types of people you should be marketing to. These top eight are where all your money is at. You’ll see who they are and how to put yourself in front of them right away.
  • How to use Google for generating new voice over clients. Here you’ll see the exact steps to take in order to find your next voice over project. It is so simple, fun, and easy to do once you know my process.
  • Insider secrets to using LinkedIn for drumming up more voice over work than you can handle. You’ll see my 3-step process for doing this, and best of all; it’s completely free.
  • The ONE LAW I use in my voice over business daily which keeps my pipeline full, inbox busy, and bank account growing. Follow this one law every day, and watch your business take off like a rocket!
  • ​Discover the most underutilized tool in your voice over business. Once you start actively using this tool daily, you’ll have more voice over work than you can imagine.
  • ​My simple little email template which has produced multiple six figures for me in voice over business. You’ll get access to this, so you can use it immediately to drive in voice over business.
  • How to handle all new inquiries you’ll receive once you use my multi-touch voice over marketing system. This way, you’re on top of your game and know exactly who you’re connecting with. 
  • My marketing communication plan which keeps new leads, warm prospects, and existing clients from falling through the cracks. This engine keeps my pipeline continually cranking out sales, revenue, and profits for my voice over business on auto-pilot.
  • ​The MINIMUM amount of touches you should be doing each year with your warm market to ensure you’re staying on top of mind for them regarding their next voice over project. 
  • How to effectively use “communication excuses” to drum up simple little voice over gigs which puts cash in your pocket fast! Deploy these anytime you want a cash infusion.
Plus, much more.

Remember, this offer is only good until…

 There are only 100 spots available!

We’re only accepting 100 attendees because I’ll be doing a questions and answers section at the end of this training.

This way, I can personally answer any questions regarding the training.

Now, you can walk away knowing the next steps to take in your voice-over business.

So you can make 2023 your best year in your voice-over business.


Friday, March 22nd at midnight PST

As I said earlier, this is the marketing system I use daily to build my own voice over business, so I’m not too keen on sharing this with the entire voice over world.

Now, you can walk away knowing the next steps to take in your voice over business when it comes to direct response marketing.

So you can start moving toward that six-figure yearly income goal.
Now, you might be wondering…

What’s the cost of this Six-Figure Marketing Edge™ training?

Good question, the price is very affordable.

The retail price is only $499.00.

I’m sure you’d agree having the skills, insights, and strategy to get new voice over customers on demand, starting within the next day or two; it’s well worth the price.

Here’s the thing…

Because I’m committed to helping you hit that six-figure income goal, I want to make you a special offer good until Friday, March 22nd at midnight PST

Go through this NEW training, and take action on everything I teach you.

Then I’d like you to share your success story with me on how your voice over business increased its lead flow, sales, and revenue after using my voice over multi-touch marketing system. 

If you’re okay with this, I’d like to GIVE YOU 40% OFF THE RETAIL PRICE! 

This means you can get this for a one-time payment of only $297!

Wait, there’s more…

Special Bonus Training #1 (a $497.00 value.)


Insider Guide to Marketing a Multiple Six-Figure Voice Over Business

Imagine this…

I invite you into my office for the day.

Walk you through the exact process I use daily to connect with fresh new people who might be interested in hiring me for their next voice over project.

I call this the art of creating your own economy.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this bonus training.
  • The art of filling your voice over business pipeline. Here you’ll see how I think about filling my pipeline. The mindset you must have in order to create the success you’re looking for in voice over.
  • What I do first thing in the morning when I walk into the office. This ONE THING I do Monday thru Friday like clockwork. This single activity is responsible for nurturing my tribe and getting new people into my voice over pipeline.
  • ​How I plan out my day. Watch as I share with you what I do, to, increase my lead flow, boost engagement, and land new voice over customers.
  • My time mapping process for balancing voice over work and my marketing efforts to keep things moving forward. This way, you’re not overwhelmed during the day.
  • LIVE Prospecting. Here you’ll access a secret recording of me prospecting real people. You’ll hear me as if you were in my office, sitting across my desk, listening to my conversations. 
My Behind-the-Scenes: Insider Guide to Marketing a Multiple Six-Figure Voice Over Business™ Training is a $497.00 value, and it’s yours FREE when you lock in your spot below.

Wait, there’s still more…

You’re also receiving a second bonus when you take action right now.

It’s called…

Special Bonus Training #2 (a $397.00 value.)

An Inside Look

The Simple System for Turning First-Time Customers into Repeat Customers!

You’ll love this…

Imagine if you had the ability to turn $100 dollars into $2,000 dollars. 

Well, I’m going to show you how to do this with your voice over customers.

Quick marketing tip…

One of the fastest ways to increase your revenue is for your existing customers to buy more often from you.

You’ll see how to do this in this training, plus…
  • What you must do with a new customer when they first hire you. Doing this ONE THING ensures you’re on the right path to multiple purchases with you in the future.
  • ​How I plan out my complete follow-up process. This ensures I always stay in front of my customers so they think of me for their next voice over project.
  • The art of personal connection. Here I’ll explain my thought process and how I view establishing personal connections with new customers. Doing this right sets me apart from most voice over artists in the marketplace today.
  • How I follow up with my existing customers without sounding salesy. Once you start using this method, you’ll find more customers reaching out to you for their next gig. 
Plus, much more.

So, let’s get you started…



  • STxxxx

This Offer is Good Until Friday, March 22nd at midnight PST

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’re getting…
  • Access to “The Six-Figure Marketing Edge™” training (a $499.00 value.)
  • 30 minutes (could go longer) of Q&A session (a $197.00 value.)
  • ​Special Bonus #1: Behind-the-Scenes: Insider Guide to Marketing a Multiple Six-Figure Voice Over Business™ (a $497.00 value.)
  • Special Bonus #2: An Inside Look: The Simple System for Turning First-Time Customers into Repeat Customers™ (a $397.00 value.)
A total value of $1,590.00.

You’re getting 80% OFF this special offer at only $297!

Grabbing this offer right now SAVES YOU $1,293.00.

Hurry, because this offer goes away on Friday, March 22nd at midnight PST

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  LIVE access to “The Six-Figure Marketing Edge™” event  (a $499.00 value.)
  30 minutes (could go longer) of LIVE Q&A session (a $197.00 value.)
 ​Get the recordings of “The Six-Figure Marketing Edge™” event (a $499.00 value.)
  Special Bonus #1: Behind-the-Scenes: Insider Guide to Marketing a Multiple Six-Figure Voice Over Business™  (a $497.00 value.)
  Special Bonus #2: An Inside Look: The Simple System for Turning First-Time Customers into Repeat Customers™ (a $397.00 value.)
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