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It’s called the {{YYYY}} Launch Accelerator™.

And it’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with because of how it launches your voice over business within the next 30 days using my top eleven voice over business-building strategies.

And as you’ll see, it shortcuts your learning curve and immediately gets you into action.

The best part of all, it doesn’t require you to be a voice over pro or spend thousands on audio equipment.

And you can start booking jobs fast regardless of whether you’re brand new in your voice over career or have been doing this for a while and can’t seem to get things going.

So, if you want to make {{YYYY}} your best year in your voice over business, you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Because this is your...

Special {{YYYY}} Launch Plan

Bill DeWees
Top Voice-Over Professional
Creator of the Voice Over Blueprint™
RE: {{YYYY}} Launch Accelerator Plan
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Dear future voice over pro!

Hey, it’s Bill DeWees…

Voice over professional and author.

I’m excited to share something new I’ve put together for you to start the new year off right.

Keep in mind this exclusive invitation is for people who are committed to launching their voice over business in {{YYYY}}.
Just know…

It’s a special 90-minute training called...

Bill DeWees's Premium Training Called The...

{{YYYY}} Launch Accelerator

(My Top 11 Voice Over Business Building Strategies.)  

Here’s what you’ll discover in this 90-minute training...
  • ACCELERATOR #1: The number one reason most voice over artists are NOT booking jobs consistently. This one thing has sunk more voice over careers than anything else. You’ll see what this is and how to avoid it, so you’ve got people reaching out to you about doing their next voice over job.
  • ​ACCELERATOR #2: Regarding the audio process, there are two main factors for ensuring your audio is top-notch. Here I’ll walk you through the exact audio process I use to confirm your sound is ready for primetime. 
  • ACCELERATOR #3: After doing over 10,000 auditions, I’ve discovered two key things you must give the client, which wildly increases your chances of getting the job. You’ll see what these are, so you start doing them. Without doing these two key things, there’s a 90% chance they won’t hire you.
  • ACCELERATOR #4: How to stand out from the crowd when the client is looking for their ideal voice over artist. Once I started doing this, my jobs increased quickly. Before I knew it, the jobs were flooding into my inbox. 
  • ACCELERATOR #5: Nowadays, with the gig economy, getting entry-level projects is easy. The trick here is to stand out above the others. This is why you want to create your DIY Demos. You’ll see the two types of demos you need to record and the key to selling you on these demos.
  • ACCELERATOR #6: My top platform for getting new clients and how to use it. This platform is free to use and is one of my favorites for getting new jobs consistently. My daughter makes well over six figures from this one platform alone.
  • ​​ACCELERATOR #7: The first type of voice over work I recommend you start with. Starting with this first type allows you to build your confidence, get into action, and start making money immediately.
  • ACCELERATOR #8: Pay-to-play strategies. Here you’ll see how to use pay-to-play platforms to get consistent voice over jobs. Note: There are TWO main platforms, and I’ll walk you through how to use each to get more voice over jobs and put more cash in your pocket.
  • ​​ACCELERATOR #9: The secret to turning one voice over project into many voice over projects. Most voice over artists are consistently grinding it out and chasing the business. You’ll see my secret for repeatedly getting multiple jobs from the same client. 
  • ACCELERATOR #10: How to never run out of clients again and always have a job in the works. Here you’ll see my system for staying in touch with your clients, so you’re the first person they contact for their next voice over project.
  • ACCELERATOR #11: Plus, I’ll show you how to stay plugged into my voice over coaching and training, so you’re never alone in building your voice over business again.
You’re not going to want to miss this training.

Now, here’s what you need to know…

 There are only 100 spots available!

We’re only accepting 100 attendees because I’ll be doing a questions and answers section at the end of this training.

This way, I can personally answer any questions regarding the training.

Now, you can walk away knowing the next steps to take in your voice-over business.

So you can make 2023 your best year in your voice-over business.


This is a Limited Time Offer

Now, you might be wondering…

How much does this cost to get instant access to the {{YYYY}} Launch Accelerator™?

Great question!

The price of this training is $497.00.

I’m sure you’d agree if using just one of my eleven top strategies lands you one new voice over job within the next day or two, it’s a complete no-brainer.

Here’s the thing…

Because I want to help you launch your voice over career in {{YYYY}}, I want to make you a special offer right now.

Simply go through this powerful training, and take action right away.

Then I’d like you to share your WIN with me and tell me which strategy you implemented and the results you achieved from using it.

If you’re okay with this...

I’d like to GIVE YOU $100.00 OFF!

This means you can get access to this training for a one-time payment of only $397!

Wait, there’s more…

When you grab this training right now, you’re also getting access to my...

BONUS #1: Special Bonus Training (a $297.00 value.)

The Customer Service Cash-Flow Cycle™

You’re getting INSTANT ACCESS to this special training when you grab your spot below.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this 32-minute video training.
  • My process for turning customer service into a marketing activity, which I call my customer service cash-flow cycle™.
  • ​What is LTV, and why should you use this KPI for working with your voice over clients?
  • How I turn small $300 jobs into BIG MONEY using this system.
  • ​The KEY FACTOR for ensuring your clients always contact you for their voice over projects.
  • ​How to make it easy for your clients to work with you without getting bogged down in any bureaucracy.
  • ​The secret software I use to personalize my client communications, which instantly strengthens my relationship with them. 
  • My simple system for ensuring your clients never forget you. 
My Customer Service Cash-Flow Cycle™ is a $297.00 value, and it’s yours FREE when you grab this training below.

And, I'm not done yet.

I've got one more bonus training for you, it's called...

BONUS #2: Special Bonus Training (a $197.00 value.)

9-Steps To Voice Over Success™

In 9 Steps To Voice Over Success, you'll see my complete process I use for running a multiple six figure voice over business.

Let me quickly walk you through these nine steps:
  • STEP #1: Recording Space. We get into all the details about your recording space. You'll see how to set up the proper recording space, regardless of your current budget. 
  • STEP #2: Recording Equipment. No more guesswork trying to figure out what type of recoding equipment you need in order to produce great voice over work. 
  • STEP #3: DIY DEMO. You'll see how I go about developing a DIY Demo. I'll show you what you need to know to create your own DIY Demos, which gets you more voice over jobs.
  • STEP #4: Free Accounts. Here you'll see the free platforms I use on a daily basis, and how you should set up your accounts. This way you're standing out from the crowd and get seen.
  • STEP #5: Tracking Your Numbers. I'll walk you through all the numbers I track daily in my voice over business.This ensures you're on target with your voice over business goals.
  • STEP #6: PRO DEMO. There are times you'll need a pro demo to land the big voice over jobs. Here you'll see when you need a pro demo, and how to go about getting a pro demo.
  • STEP #7: Marketing Machine. You can be the most talented voice over artist, with the top equipment, and still barely be making a good living. I'll walk you the my marketing machine that drives in the leads, prospects and clients.
  • STEP #8: Perfect Your Technique. There's no one on this planet like you. One of the keys to standing out is developing your unique technique. You'll see how to develop this in this training lesson.
  • STEP #9: Personal Coaching. No longer will you be alone in building your voice over business. I'll share with you how we can continue to work together long after you go through this training lesson.
My 9 Steps To Voice-Over Success™ is a $197.00 value, and it’s yours FREE too when you get this right away.

So, let’s get you started...

You're Getting 3 Voice Over Business Building Trainings!

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’re getting…
#1: Access to my {{YYYY}} Launch Accelerator™ training (a $497.00 value.)
#2: Access to my Q&A session (a $197.00 value.)
#3: Special Bonus #1: The Customer Service Cash-Flow Cycle™ (a $297.00 value.)

#4: Special Bonus #2: The 9 Steps To Voice Over Success™ (a $197.00 value.)
That’s a total value of: $1,188.00

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ONE TIME OFFER: Imagine: You’re in the studio with me and looking over my shoulder as I walk you through creating a Voice Over demo from A to Z. ​I’ll share my go-to place for finding scripts to create your DIY Voice Over Demo. Watch as I record and edit the audio, so you’ll know exactly how to process and "clean up" your audio in record time. ​You’ll see how to mix music with your demo recordings so it has an emotional impact for standing out of the crowd. My Over The Shoulder DIY Voice Over Demo Training™ is a $497.00 value. Because you're grabbing my Launch Accelerator bundle right now. Your price for this "Over The Shoulder" training is only $97! - YOU SAVE $400.00!

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 #1: Access to my 2023 Launch Accelerator™ training: (a $497.00 value.)
 #2: Access to my Q&A session: (a $197.00 value.)
 #3: Special Bonus #1: The Customer Service Cash-Flow Cycle™: (a $297.00 value.)
 #4: Special Bonus #2: The 9 Steps To Voice Over Success™: (a $197.00 value.)
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