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Attention all voice over artists! Were you told by agencies, talent managers, or voice over coaches you need to “find your niche,” yet you’re still not making six figures? I’ve had enough of this bad advice widely accepted as industry truth, which is why I’m exposing…

The Great “Niche” Marketing


Warning: What you’re about to read exposes why “Niche” Marketing in voice over keeps you from getting new jobs, more sales, and repeat work. 

(NOTE: If you're brand new to voice over pay close attention.)

What you want to be doing instead is something called M3, 
which makes you more money with fewer voice over clients!

On Tuesday, June 20th at 8:00 PM EST, you’ll see how to 
put M3 to work in your voice over business in 90 minutes. 

Starts in the next...

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    Having a voice over artist career can be a dream come true for many people. 

    However, achieving success in this highly competitive industry can be challenging. 

     One of the main reasons voice over artists struggle is because they limit themselves to “niche” marketing. 

“Niche” marketing won't help you achieve your full earning potential.

     The key to success and making a full-time stable income in your voice over business lies in what I call M3.

I’ll explain what M3 is and why it works in just a moment.

Just know it’s a game changer for your voice over business once you use it.

     Agencies, talent managers, and voice over coaches are not going to like what I’m about to reveal to you.

But, hey, I’m…

The Marketing Maverick:

Bill DeWees!

Bill DeWees
Top Voice Over Professional
Creator of the Voice Over Blueprint™
From the Desk of: Bill DeWees
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Dear aspiring voice over pro!

Hi, my name is Bill DeWees…

I’m a voice over professional and author.

    I've been recording voice over full-time for the past 17 years and have recorded over 10,000 paid voice over projects.
Some of my clients include… 

    Warner Brothers, Walmart, Chevrolet, Pizza Hut, Fox, American Express, Microsoft, Weber, and the PGA tour, to name a few.

I’m also the author of How to Start and Build a Six-figure Voice Over Business.

I’ve seen a lot in my voice over career over the years.

In fact…

    About 2 years into my career, I became weary of doing agency auditions (hundreds of them) with very little to show.  

    Most of my work had come from direct marketing efforts and auditioning through "pay to play" sites (like and  

    I realized talent agents liked voice talent to “niche” themselves because they had a roster of talent (possibly hundreds) that needed to be presented as separate and distinguishable from each other. 

"What I also discovered was..."

I was missing out on many potential clients, decreasing my earning potential. 

    Two, I was experiencing more competition from other experts within their niche, making it even more challenging to attract work. 

    Three, I was neglecting chances to show the vast array of voice over skills I possess.

    I realized that “nichemarketing was a myth and not the way to go, regardless of what so-called experts told me.

    I realized “niche” marketing would not make me the money I wanted, and I had to do something different.

All of this frustration led me to the discovery of…

“The M3 Way!”

What is the M3 way?

Glad you asked.

M3 stands for “Mass Marketing Method.”

    And it’s my marketing method for landing consistent voice projects day after day, like clockwork.

Here’s how I stumbled on this…

I started thinking about

how LIMITING it was

to “niche” myself a specific voice and style type.
Then I remembered…

    My new and repeat clients were consistently telling me they liked and appreciated my "range of styles."  

And at the end of the day, my "range" brought me far more work.

So, I started testing a few things, and here’s what I found…

    More than anything else, my commercial demo has been the "secret sauce" of my marketing success.  

    About 75%-80% of my work is corporate (probably 10% is commercial), yet most clients first listen to the commercial demo.  

There are TWO specific

demo strategies I use. 

I call them:

Strategy #1) "First Three Segments" Demo Strategy

Strategy #2) "The Greatest Hits" Demo Strategy

    These two strategies allow me to mass market my voice over service and grow revenue by leaps and bounds.


I’ll share my system with you on Tuesday,

June 20th, at 8:00 PM EST.

The impact it can have on your voice over business is 3 fold

You land more clients because you’re now marketing to a broader audience.
    Two, you get more work from those clients because you can showcase your voice over range, so they know you’re not one-dimensional.

    Three, you make WAY MORE MONEY with fewer clients because the clients you have, hire you for more work than just the "niche" they hired you for initially.

And here’s the thing…

    Everyone hears from coaches (or other talent) they "must find their niche" before they even begin pursuing their career.  

It's a case of lousy advice widely accepted as industry truth.  

     And again, agents love the niche approach because it helps THEM (but it does little for the voice over talent).  

The whole idea is born out of an outdated system.

That’s why I’m doing this live online training called

The Marketing Maverick:

How to Use Mass Marketing to Elevate Your Voice Over Game™

Here’s what you’ll discover in this 90-minute LIVE training on
Tuesday, June 20th at 8:00 PM EST:
  • How to become indispensable to your voice over clients by becoming a "utility" player (not a specialist.) This strategy is the foundation for you becoming the number one go-to voice over artist for your clients.
  • You’ll discover who hires voice talent (and it’s not who you might think.) You’ll also see how to stand out and land more jobs immediately.
  • The "First 15 Seconds" demo strategy makes you the first call your clients make when they need a new voice over project handled.
  • The pathway to avoiding the pitfalls of “niche” marketing so your voice over business thrives regardless of what the economy is doing.
  • You’ll also get my TWO “Secret Sauce” demo strategies. These are the “First Three Segments" and "The Greatest Hits" demo strategies.
Plus, much more.

    Once you start using The Marketing Maverick™ strategies in your voice over business, you’ll start seeing more new leads, gigs, and revenue pour into your business.

    Say goodbye to little to no work, low sales, and a struggling business because you’ll now have my Marketing Maverick™ strategies to put you on the right path.

    You’ll be confident to move forward in your voice over business and hit your financial goals.

Remember, you’ll want to secure your spot right now because…

There are only 50, 47 spots open for this online LIVE event!

We’re only accepting 50, 47 attendees because of TWO REASONS:

    REASON #1: The Marketing Maverick™ process is what I use daily to build my voice over business, so I’m not too keen on sharing this with the entire voice over world.

    REASON #2: I’ll do a LIVE questions and answers section at the end of this training.

    This way, I can personally answer any questions on The Marketing Maverick™ process, so you can get moving fast.

    Now, you can walk away knowing how to use these mass marketing strategies to consistently get more voice over work.

    Remember, marketing your voice over business like this increases your opportunities to get more voice over work more often.

So now you can start moving toward that six-figure yearly income goal.

We’ll go for around 90 minutes, and this...

 There are only 100 spots available!

We’re only accepting 100 attendees because I’ll be doing a questions and answers section at the end of this training.

This way, I can personally answer any questions regarding the training.

Now, you can walk away knowing the next steps to take in your voice-over business.

So you can make 2023 your best year in your voice-over business.



Starts on Tuesday, June 20th, 
2023, at 8:00 PM EST.

Now, you might be wondering…

What’s the cost of attending this Marketing Maverick online training?

Good question, the price is very affordable.

The retail price is only $499.00.

    I’m sure you’d agree that to have the skills, insights, and strategies to land a few new voice over clients within the next day or two is well worth the price.

Here’s the thing…

    Because I’m committed to helping you hit that six-figure income goal, I want to make you a special offer for this upcoming online LIVE training.

Go through this NEW training, and take action on everything I teach you.

    Then I’d like you to share your success story on how your voice over business increased its revenue after using my Marketing Maverick™ strategies. 

If you’re okay with this, I’d like to GIVE YOU 40% OFF THE RETAIL PRICE! 

    With this special discount, you can register your spot for this LIVE online event for a one-time payment of only $297!

Wait, there’s more…

    When you’re among the first 50, 47 to register for this LIVE online event, you also get access to a…

NEW: Special Bonus Training #1 (a $497.00 value.)

Over The Shoulder!

How to Create “Niche” Demos.

Check this out…

One of the best ways to land a new voice over gig is using a “niche” demo.

See, there’s a time and place to use the right tool.

And a “niche” demo is a tool.

    This particular bonus training shows why “niche” demos can be a powerful marketing tool.

    You’ll also see how to create a “niche” demo from script selection through final audio processing.

    The Over The Shoulder™ Training is a $497.00 value, and it’s yours FREE when you register your spot below.

Wait, there’s still more…

You’re also receiving a second bonus when you take action right now.

It’s called…

NEW: Special Bonus Training #2 (a $397.00 value.)

The Anti-Niche…

Marketing Strategy!

You’ll love this…

I call this the Anti-Niche Marketing Strategy™.

In this new bonus training, you’ll discover:
  • Who you should be marketing to, so you save time marketing to the right people.
  • How to correctly market to them and be seen as an authentic voice over pro ready to take on the project.
  • How to show them you can provide almost any style of recording they need so they have complete confidence in your skillset.
  • How to effortlessly use “niche” demos on pay-to-play sites to attract new voice over clients.
Plus, much more.

So, let’s get you started…



  • STxxxx

Register below right now and reserve one of the 50, 47 spots before they're gone!

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’re getting…
  • The Marketing Maverick™” online LIVE training (a $499.00 value.)
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  • Recording of the entire event, plus the Q&A session (a $499.00 value.)
  • ​Special Bonus #1: Over The Shoulder™ - How to Create Niche Demos (a $497.00 value.)
  • Special Bonus #2: The Anti-Niche Marketing Strategy™ (a $397.00 value.)
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