NEW: If you’re looking to launch a voice over business. It may surprise you to know thousands of people all across the country (and the world) are making part-time and full-time incomes using their voices. Let me show you how to...

Get Paid Using Your Voice

You’re about to discover one of the fastest ways to launch a highly profitable voice over business within the next 90-days without needing previous experience.

It’s all possible using something called the Voice Over Blueprint™ and our next FAST START CLASS is this {{nextthursday}} at 12:00 PM PST! 
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Imagine working from the comfort of your home. 

Having the freedom, flexibility, and work-life balance you’ve always wanted.

Quietly making a high, stable full-time income in the voice over business.

It’s all possible with the right guidance, process, and system to follow.


There’s a new and different way for you to launch a profitable voice over career and do it within the next 90-days.

It’s called the Voice Over Blueprint™.

And it’s very different from the common training you’re likely familiar with because of how it gets you up and running within 90-days, even if you’re brand new to the voice over business. 

It does this by giving you a 3-step-proven process to follow… 

Which gets you found, heard, and hired.

And as you’ll see, it’s fun and simple to do, plus you can be up and running quickly. 

The best part is that it doesn’t require you to have years of training or experience doing voice over work. 

And you can get paid to use your voice regardless of your experience behind the mic.

So, if you want to launch your voice over career within the next 90-days, you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Now you might be wondering...

Who is Bill DeWees?

Bill DeWees
Bill DeWees
Top Voice Over Professional
Creator of the Voice Over Blueprint™
RE: Special opportunity for the next few people.
Date: {{long-date}}

Dear future voice over pro! 

Hi, my name is Bill DeWees…

I’m a voice over professional and author.

I've been recording voice over full-time for the past 16 years and have recorded over 10,000 paid voice over projects.

Some of my clients include… 
Warner Brothers, Walmart, Chevrolet, Pizza Hut, Fox, American Express, Microsoft, Weber, and the PGA tour, to name a few.

I’m also the author of How to Start and Build a SIX-FIGURE Voice Over Business.

Here’s the thing…

I’ve noticed there are three main reasons MOST PEOPLE STRUGGLE when it comes to launching a profitable voice over business.
  • Getting Found
  • ​Getting Heard
  • ​Getting Hired
Without these skill sets and expertise, having a highly successful voice over business becomes a costly and constant uphill battle. 

This is unacceptable because I can help you stop the struggle and start making money as a voice over professional much faster than trying to figure it out on your own.

We’ll do this together in 90-days, which means we'll launch your voice over business, so you’re trained, confident, and ready to go.

Let me share with you how this all works.

First, we’ll look at...

How The Voice Over Blueprint™ Is Transforming Lives, And Quickly Launching Voice Over Careers.

One thing you’ll find today is that most voice training online is one-dimensional.

They’re focusing mostly on voice training, which is only one part of having a highly profitable voice over career.

The challenge of marketing a voice over business and building a highly profitable voice over career is missing in the marketplace.

Which is the real cause for many people not launching their voice over businesses and having success.

And let me be completely transparent with you. 

You can have the best studio. 

You can be a great performer and create the best product.

But if you don't know how to market that product, you'll have a great studio and product, and that's it.

There will be NO CUSTOMERS. 

There will be NO INCOME. 

You must know how to take that product to market and bring customers to your door, which is exactly what I’ll show you how to do in the Voice Over Blueprint™.

Now, the reason I’m able to teach my students how to launch a highly profitable voice over career is because I do this myself daily.

The majority of my income comes from doing voiceover work.

And, when you’re learning from a voice over professional, you get to see exactly what's working today in {{YYYY}}.

Let me introduce you to Mike Previti.

Mike was so committed to his goal of launching his voice-over business he got right to work with the Voice Over Blueprint™.

He listened to the training during his hourly drive to his job each day.

He understood this business takes commitment, and he got to work.

Watch this short interview I did with Mike and hear what he’s saying about the Voice Over Blueprint™ and his experience…
Imagine YOU, a voice over professional. 

Working from the comfort of your own home and not having a ceiling on your income anymore.

It’s possible and can happen very quickly if you’re committed to doing the work and following my lead.

Best of all, I’m with you every step of the way, so you’re never alone in your voice over business.

Now, let’s look at...

How Mallory Handford Turned A Few Hours A Day Into a… 

$284,659.68 A Year

Voice Over Business!

(Using The Voice Over Blueprint™)

Mallory Handford
Mallory Handford
Part-time six-figure voice-over business owner.
Making a six-figure income in your voice over business is completely possible.

We have many members of the voice over blueprint doing six figures and beyond

One of the determining factors with our members who are doing these kinds of numbers is commitment.

The voice over business can be fun, simple, and highly profitable.

You have to be willing to follow the system, do the work, and repeat the process daily.

Let me introduce you to Mallory Handford.
Mallory is my daughter and started working as my assistant almost thirteen years ago.

She dabbled with voice over for many years, not seeking much work.

She had no desire to build a big voice over business at the time. 

Mallory is a wife and stay-at-home mom with three wonderful kids at home.

She spends 4-5 hours daily (part-time) in her voice over business, working from home.

And last year...

She generated around $284,659.68 for the year.

Not bad for doing her voice over business part-time. 

Regardless of your situation, goals, or lifestyle, having a voice over business allows you the freedom, flexibility, and work-life balance to do whatever you desire.

Imagine generating a six-figure income from the comfort of your own home on your terms, like Mallory.

If you’ve got the commitment, determination, and grit to follow a proven system, then you’re going to love the Voice Over Blueprint™.

And, here’s why...

The Voice Over Blueprint™ Gets You Into Action FAST!

The Voice Over Blueprint™ gets you into action fast because of its three-step business-building sequence. 

These three steps consist of getting found, heard, and hired.

Think of this as a multi-dimensional approach to building your voice over business.

And, when you follow my proven process and take action daily, good things tend to happen in your voice over business.

Meet Randy Scott.

When Randy joined the Voice Over Blueprint™, he committed to building a full-time voice over business.

Now, he’s making more money part-time than in his full-time job.

Here’s what Randy is saying about the Voice Over Blueprint™...
One of the benefits of the Voice Over Blueprint™ program is that I’m here to coach you along your voice over journey.

You’re never left wondering what to do next or how to do it.

Whether technical, business, or marketing, we’re here to train you to become a voice over professional.

It’s like having your professional voice over coach ready to get you into action and shortcut the time it takes for you to get results.

Next, let’s walk through...

The 3-Phase Process To The Voice Over Blueprint™

There are three phases to the Voice Over Blueprint™ system to ensure you launch your voice over business within the next 90-days.

Let’s quickly walk through these...

Phase ONE: Getting Found.

This consists of three parts. 
  • PART #1: Your recording space
  • ​PART #2: Your recording equipment
  • ​PART #3: Your DIY demo

This is the foundation for starting your voice over business correctly.

Here you’ll learn how to set up your recording space, what equipment you need, and how to sound like a professional.

At the end of this phase, you’ll have your DIY demo recording ready to go so you can get found.

Phase TWO: Getting Heard.

This second phase consists of:
  • PART #4: Creating your online profiles.
  • ​PART #5: Tracking your numbers
  • ​PART #6: Your PRO demo
Now, at this stage...

You’re getting in front of potential clients.

These people are looking for someone with your voice style for their next project.

Phase THREE: Getting Hired.

In this third phase, you’ll learn:
  • PART #7: How to engineer your marketing machine
  • ​PART #8: How to perfect your voice technique 
  • ​PART #9: Personal coaching to guide you through your new client projects
You’re going to love this!

The secret to launching a profitable voice over business is in these three phases.

Now, you’ll have this complete system guiding you through your voice over career.

Meet Rob Reider.

Rob is a six-figure voice over business owner and Voice Over Blueprint™ member.

One thing Rob loves is the personal coaching from the live webinars. 

Here’s what Rob is saying about being a Voice Over Blueprint™ member...
By the end of 90-days, you’ll have a solid foundation for your voice over business and be ready to start getting jobs. 

This information, training, and coaching is like having an entire voice over business in a box. 

Simply open the box, follow the directions and start profiting right away!

And I can tell you...

The Voice Over Blueprint™ Is So Simple To Follow, Even A NASA Engineer Can Do It!

When you start with the Voice Over Blueprint™, you’ll find it fun and simple to follow.

Getting started is a breeze, whether you’re looking to make a six-figure income or just make some extra spending money.

Meet Eryn Andrews.

Eryn is a Mom and full-time NASA engineer.

When the thought of starting a little voice over business on the side came up, Eryn had no idea where to start.

Plus, she had some self-doubt because this was not her field of expertise.

She was looking for a side gig that allowed her to make what she calls “fun money.”

After watching a few of my videos on YouTube, she decided to become a Voice Over Blueprint™ member.

And within her first 90-days, she had her first job!

Listen to Eryn share her voice-over journey...
The Voice Over Blueprint™ is great for anyone committed to launching their voice over business within the next 90-days.

Follow the blueprint step-by-step and watch as your voice over career starts to soar. 

Having a voice over business is a great way to control your financial future and have the freedom, flexibility, and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll have fun with the Voice Over Blueprint™ because it...

Launches Your Voice-Over Business FAST!

Most voice over courses, books, and YouTube training focus on only bits and pieces of voice over work.

This leads people to spend all their time hunting down information, hoping they’ll find the missing piece of the voice over business puzzle.

Many people come to me asking for help after spending a fortune on courses, coaches, and equipment.

The Voice Over Blueprint™ works quickly because of my 3-phase process, I’ve developed, which...

Gets YOU Found, Heard, and Hired!

And when you become a Voice Over Blueprint™ member, you’ll learn how to master each phase of the process. 

After 90-days, your voice over business will be launched and ready to take on new jobs.

You’ll have the confidence, strength, and belief in your abilities to take on fun projects. 

And the best part is...

You’re saving time, money, and frustration. 

Because you're learning everything, you need to know to have a highly profitable voice over business in one safe community. 

You’ll Have The Confidence To Do Voice Over Work Like A Pro!

You’re in good hands...

Feel confident in your voice over career knowing you’re trained by one of the top voice over coaches in the world, according to

I was very humbled by what they said.

I had the honor a few months back of being selected by over 1,675 voice actor peers as their #1 trusted coach for voice over training.
And here’s a clip of the actual article...
Now, you’ll be able to release any fear, stress, or anxiety you might have about launching a profitable voice over business.

I’ll be with you every step of the way!

Think of me as your go-to coach in your voice over business. 

Imagine how it will feel opening up your inbox and seeing all those “NEW VOICE OVER JOB” notifications flooding in.

Also, let me say...

The Voice Over Blueprint™

...Works Even If You’re Brand New!

If you’re concerned this might not work for you, don’t be. 

You don’t need any experience at all!

The Voice Over Blueprint™ will work for you regardless of whether you’ve got a background in the voice over industry or are just getting started.

Here’s what people are saying about the Voice Over Blueprint™...

"The Program Has Already Paid Dividends"

“As a veteran broadcaster, I’ve seen the steady decline of salaries and numbers of jobs – especially for “seasoned” pros. I was worried about what I would do when the end came. Then I signed up for the Bill DeWees “Voiceover Blueprint” program. The program has already paid dividends in taking my performance to the next level and the marketing side of the business. I now start every morning knowing there is a brighter and much more lucrative future for me. Thanks, Bill, for throwing me this great lifeline!”
- Jeff Shade
Fox Sports 1380/Classic Country 1520 KXA Los Angeles

"From Radio to Full-Time VO"

“I spent about 12 years working in radio (and am now full-time in voiceovers). If I didn’t have Bill to help me transition into VO, I don’t know where I’d be! He has the tools to make it happen. Now I wonder why I didn’t do this earlier!”
- Erick David
VO Talent

"Makes You Sound Better in Minutes"

“I first contacted Bill as I was about to retire from my job as a full-time TV Director. I had done voice-over work in radio and television since the late 60s, but that wasn’t the main thrust of my career. Bill is a force that greatly influences one’s VO life. Over the past 3 years, Bill produced 2 voice-over demos for me. He has the ability to make one sound better than ever before, and he does this in a very short time! We’re talking minutes here.”
- Tom Gaut
Original “Voice of CNN” and former director of HLN’s “Robin Meade’s Morning Express

"My Career Skyrocketed After 
Buying Bill's Training"

“Among many, many so-called "coaches," Bill is the real deal! A working pro that has been there and done that--he LITERALLY wrote the book on it!  

After 20+ years in the business, I thought I knew EVERYTHING--boy was I wrong. I learned so much from Bill and his courses, information that is not only completely usable, it's fresh and works in TODAY's tech and social-friendly world. In fact, I wished that he hadn't released some of his trademark 'secrets' to everyone!

The business has changed so much over the last 10 years, and I can think of only 1 guy that has his pulse on what has been going on and what works for the voice performer...Bill DeWees. My career skyrocketed after buying Bill's Playbook course--in it, Bill shows you the 'secret' formula for making a 6 figure income. 

He has done all of the hard work. You just do what he says. He pointed me in the right direction and continues to do so. I want to thank Bill for teaching this old dog new tricks and making them work!”
- Connor Evans
Former KISS-FM/LA personality

"I'll do closer to $40,000.00 this year!"

“I want to offer up my success, and THANK YOU for your assistance. I've made money on every course I've taken from you. I've been in business as a part-time VO artist for a year and a half. My goal was to make an extra $24k/year . . . I'll do closer to $40k this year!”
- Keith Harris
Singer/New York Metropolitan Opera
Again, you’re not alone!

Feel safe, secure, and confident you’re in the right place to launch your voice over business within the next 90-days. 

My team and I are right here with you by your side every step of the way.

It’s all part of my new...

Voice Over Blueprint™

Bill DeWees Voice Over Blueprint 3.0
The Voice Over Blueprint™ gives you the most comprehensive training curriculum, coaching, and community for building a wildly profitable six-figure voice over business.

This system is simple to use and removes all roadblocks preventing you from growing your voice over business.

Here’s what you’ll get instant access to:

Part #1 of 3: 

Voice Over University Curriculum

(This is a $6,564.00 value.)

  • Mindset: Having the correct mindset is critical to your voice over business success. In this training, you’ll discover everything needed to have a strong mental foundation for this business, so you become unshakeable (This is a $497.00 value!)
  • Home Audio Setup: One of the keys to producing great work is having high-quality sound. In this training series, you’ll discover what’s needed to sound great without spending a fortune on gear. (This is a $397.00 value!)
  • Tech Talk: Knowing all the technical aspects of your gear, software, and recording space is an important part of your voice over business. Whether you’re brand new to voice over or a seasoned pro, this training series walks you through everything you need to know regarding tech. (This is a $297.00 value!)
  • Adobe Audition 101: One of the software we use is Adobe Audition. There’s a lot to this software, and it’s easy to use once you get the hang of it. In this training series, you’ll become a master at using Adobe Audition for all your voice-over work. If you’re new to Adobe Audition, you will love this. (This is a $297.00 value!)
  • Performance: Performance is where you win the jobs and what you do once you get found and have a new opportunity. You’ll learn insights about all the different types of work out there, from commercials, online ads, e-learning, corporate, direct response, audiobooks, video games, and much more. (This is a $497.00 value!) 
  • Marketing: Marketing is where we get our jobs from. After doing voice-over work for the past 16 years, this is where the rubber meets the road. It’s hard to get hired if people don’t know you exist. In this training series, you’ll learn how to engineer your marketing machine so you’re constantly getting people reaching out to you for voice over jobs. (This is a $997.00 value!)
  • Fiverr Training: Fiverr is a great place to get new voice over jobs if you know how to use it correctly. Most people using Fiverr today in {{YYYY}} are not maximizing its potential. I’ve brought in some of the top Fiverr experts who are crushing it today in their voice-over business. In this training series, you’ll see how to set up and use this platform correctly. (This is a $997.00 value!) 
  • Your Voice-Over Office: How to run your office for maximum productivity. This is a business, and we want to treat it like one. In this training series, you’ll learn how to run your office easily. From file management, invoicing, client communication, and managing your workflow. Your office will run smoothly so that you can invest more time in voice over jobs. (This is a $297.00 value!) 
  • Voice Over Playbook: This is the heart of my marketing system and what I’ve developed over the past 16 years to build my voice over business to a multiple six-figure income. In this training, you’ll see a live workshop I did with students and how I helped them engineer their marketing. (This is a $997.00 value!)
  • Voice Over Now: This is a complete and detailed training on the latest regarding what’s working now in my voice over business. In this training series, we’ll cover the four primary areas for voice over. These include technology, performance, marketing, and questions and answers. (This is a $497.00 value!) 
  • Top 100 Voice-Over Questions: Here, we’ve put together a list of the top 100 questions in our main areas of voice over. These include marketing, industry, performance, technical, and business operations. Talk about a time-saver. The answer to your questions are right here (This is a $297.00 value!)
  • ​Fiverr Course: The Fiverr course is a complete training system on how to get voice-over jobs, specifically using Fiverr. This is a 13-part video series from voice-over pro Mike Hathcote. Here you’ll see how to master Fiverr and stand out as a voice over professional. (This is a $497.00 value!)
Whew, that’s a lot of voice over, performance, tech, and marketing training!

It’s no wonder we have so many six-figure voice-over businesses which rely on the Voice Over Blueprint™ to stay on top of their game.

And this is only part one of the entire Voice Over Blueprint™ system.

I like to call this first part the foundational training for voice over.

Now, let’s look at...

Part #2 of 3: 

Voice Over Daily...

LIVE Webinars

(This is a $3,759.00 per month value.)

  • Fiverr Webinars: Twice each month on Monday at 2:00 PM PST, you’ll get the latest insights on using Fiverr with expert Mallory Handford live. This way, you’re always up on the latest tactics and strategies for maximizing opportunities using Fiverr. (This is a $297.00 per month value!)
  • Marketing Tactics Webinars: Four times each month on Monday at 4:00 PM PST, marketing expert Mike Hathcote shares with you live what’s working now for marketing your voice-over business. Think of this as the fuel for your voice-over business marketing machine. (This is a $997.00 per month value!)
  • Voice Over Tech Webinars: Four times each month, on Tuesday at 4:00 PM PST, master audio engineer Alex DeWees answers your questions live. He shares tech insights, so you’re always sounding like a pro. Say goodbye to any tech confusion or overwhelm. It’s like having your audio engineer to lean on whenever you have questions. (This is a $497.00 per month value!)
  • Voice Over Blueprint™ Webinars: Four times each month on Wednesday at 9:00 AM PST, master voice over coach Bill DeWees (me) answers your questions live related to the voice over business. This is your chance to ask me any questions you have in a live environment. (This is a $497.00 per month value!) 
  • FAST START Webinars: Four times each month on Thursday at 12:00 PM PST, master voice over coach Bill DeWees (me) shares with you FAST START strategies you can use immediately to start getting new voice over jobs. These are income accelerators for your voice over business. (This is a $397.00 per month value!) 
  • Performance Webinars: Four times each month, on Thursday at 4:00 PM PST, our top voice-over experts share performance tips, tricks, and strategies that speed up your learning process. You’ll go from voice over newbie to voice over pro in no time flat. (This is a $777.00 per month value!)
  • ​Member’s Webinars: Twice each month, on the 1st and 3rd Friday at 2:00 PM PST, our team answers your questions live before the weekend, so nothing is standing in your way of any voice over projects or jobs you might be working on. It’s like having your super team support you every step. (This is a $297.00 per month value!)
The best part is...

These LIVE webinars are two-way communications so that you can interact with the expert in real-time.

One week you might need questions answered about your tech setup. 

The next week, you might need help dialing in your sound.

You might be working on your first voice-over job the following week and have questions about performance, pricing, or business.

Either way, you can feel confident knowing you have a full-blown voice over team and community who support you.

Now, let’s look at...

Part #3 of 3: 

Voice Over Community & LIVE STREAMS!

(This is a $2,391.00 per month value.)

  • Exclusive VOICE OVER Community: We’ve cultivated an exclusive voice over community. Inside this private Facebook group, you’ll get access to some of the top voice over business owners generating over six figures per year. You’re able to interact with them and learn from their wisdom. The community is worldwide, so you can get your questions answered quickly, regardless of your time zone. (This is a $997.00 per month value!) 
  • ‘LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER’ - LIVE STREAMS: Ok, you’re going to LOVE THIS! I stream LIVE into the group a few times a week (sometimes daily). These live streams are unlike anything in the voice over space, and you’ll only find these here. I let you LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER as I do my voice over jobs and projects. This way, you get to SEE what it’s like to do this business from the frontline. You’ll see me interacting with clients, recording and editing jobs in real time. (This is a $997.00 per month value!)
  • One-Of-A-Kind Resources: Inside this exclusive community, you’ll have instant access to close to a decade worth of archived live streams, conversations, and strategies related to the voice over business. These are not found anywhere else on the planet; you’ll get access to this treasure trove of money-making information. It’s no wonder our students can launch highly profitable voice over businesses quickly. (This is a $397.00 per month value!)
The entire system's total value over a year is $80,364.00.

Don’t worry; you will not pay anywhere close to that price. 

I’ve got a special deal for you if you decide this is the right program, which I’ll share in just a moment.

I’m sure you can see why the Voice Over Blueprint™ is one of the fastest and simplest ways to launch a six-figure voice over business.

  • GETS YOU Found!
  • GETS YOU Heard!
  • GETS YOU Hired!
And with this system...

You’ll gain complete clarity on what’s needed to succeed in the voice over industry. 

You’ll know exactly where to put your energy to get the greatest outcome in your voice over business.

Plus, you’ll feel proud of yourself for making the intelligent decision for us to work together. 

Knowing your voice over business now has a proven system and team for consistent growth at your own pace.

Now, something you need to know...

We're NOT accepting everyone into the Voice Over Blueprint™

The reason why is because…

Due to the high number of new people entering the voice over profession and seeking my coaching, training, and guidance, we can only onboard so many people simultaneously.

We want to make sure we get everyone started on the right path. 

And, we want to make sure we’re working with the right people because not everyone is serious about building their voice over business.

This means there are...

Only a few spots left as of today...


These spots will go quickly, so if you’re serious about “getting paid using your voice” and launching a highly profitable voice over business… 

I recommend securing your spot below right away.

Now, let’s talk about price.

The value of this entire system is $80,364.00.

Like I said earlier, you’re not going to pay anywhere close to that price.

Because you’ve read up to this point, this shows me you’re serious about building your voice over business.

And I want to help you become a voice over professional and have the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Because of this…

You’re NOT going to pay anywhere near the $80,364.00 value.

The retail price for the Voice Over Blueprint™ is a one-time fee of only $9,997.00 for the first year.

Now, I understand even at that price; it might seem a little out of reach.

So I want to give you a 90-day challenge.

Good news…

I’ve got a quick question for you.

Would you be willing to share your success story with me after launching your voice over business within the next 90-days?

Because if so, I want to give you a 90-day trial for a fraction of the regular price RIGHT NOW!

This means your price today (if you agree to share your 90-day success story with me), you can get immediate access for the next 90-days to the Voice Over Blueprint™ for only 3 payments of $399.00 (billed every 30 days), or, SAVE AN ADDITIONAL $200.00 OFF for a one-time payment of ONLY $997! 

Plus, I’m confident that my team and I can help you; you’re getting...



Bill DeWees

Bill DeWees

Here’s how this works…

Make a 100% commitment to yourself and your voice over business for the next 90-days. 

Follow our proven step-by-step process in the Voice Over Blueprint™.

If after 90-days you have not yet booked your first voice over job, simply let us know by contacting my support department. 

At this point, my team will do a "Voice Over Business Review Call" with you (one-on-one), pinpoint exactly where the issue is, and show you how to resolve it so you can start booking jobs immediately.

You have absolutely NO RISK.

Get on your path to becoming a voice over professional, and…

“Secure One Of These Few Spots Left Right Now For Yourself!”

Here’s the thing...

Every day, you put off starting your voice over business, and you move further away from the freedom, flexibility, and work-life balance you’ve always wanted.

There’s no need to continue spending all your time trying to do it yourself without having a proven system and team to do the heavy lifting for you. 

Instead, grab one of the few spots left this week, and let’s start building your six-figure voice over business immediately!

Plus, when you get started today, you're also getting my...


“Multiple Six Figure
Voice Over Workshop™”

(a $997.00 value, yours at NO EXTRA COST!)

Here’s the deal:

We held an exclusive one-day workshop in Los Angeles.

We hired a video crew to document this intimate live event and recorded everything divulged in this private room.

I revealed my insider secrets and the path toward building a multiple six-figure income in my voice over business.

I got into great detail, and some things are outside the Voice-Over Blueprint™ training system.

So, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on these recordings, you’ll have an edge in building your voice over business.

The people who TAKE ACTION on this information can accelerate their voice over business FAST!

And this brings me to YOU!

There’s power in deciding to take charge of your future and voice over career.

This fast start bonus SPEEDS UP your voice over career.

It all starts with SESSION #1:
  • Multiple Six-Figure Mindset: Making a multiple six-figure income takes a specific type of mindset. You’ll learn my key strategies and how I think about making this type of money in voice over. Once you start thinking this way, you’ll see the cash start rolling in.
  • Escape Velocity: I like to say the voice over business is not easy, yet it’s simple. Once I implemented this one specific idea and took daily action, everything took off for me. You’ll go from grinding it out daily to breaking through and getting more done with less effort.
  • ​Voice Over Marketing Wheel: Most people starting a voice over business only focus on one marketing channel. This causes them to barely get any lead flow and keeps them struggling to make money. Here you’ll discover my “MARKETING WHEEL,” which uses a multi-channel approach to marketing. You’ll get a steady and consistent stream of new business, causing your income to grow.
Then you’ll move into SESSION #2:
  • My Client Follow-Up System: One of the best ways to increase sales, boost income, and make more money in your voice over business is from existing clients. You’ll get my simple system for staying in touch, building relationships, and boosting trust, so you’re top of mind for the next job.
  • 3 Pillars Of A Multiple Six-Figure Income: While most voice over training focuses on performance only, we focus on multiple areas of the business. When making a multiple six-figure income in voice over, you need these three pillars to launch your career quickly.
From here, it’s onto SESSION #3:
  • Key ONE To Great Audio: In this first part, you’ll see the number one key to having great audio, and it’s not what you might think. Most people doing voice over work underestimate this one thing's importance, and it costs them jobs.
  • Key TWO To Great Audio: In part two, we’ll cover the second biggest factor in producing high-quality voice over work. Plus, we’ll get into some sneaky little tricks for sounding great, regardless of your equipment.
Then in SESSION #4:
  • How To Create Your Demo: Creating your demo is part of getting found by people eager to hire you for their next voice over job. Here you’ll see how to nail it right out of the gate, so you stand out as a top voice over professional ready to work and get the job done.
  • Audition Strategies: Unlike most voice-over training, we do things differently regarding auditions. After doing this for nearly 16 years, I’ve seen exactly what works and doesn’t. Here you’ll see how to quickly gain traction in auditions using these strategies I reveal in this session.
  • MY SECRET WEAPON: This is my SECRET WEAPON for consistently getting voice over jobs. I call this 3rd KEY! Few know about this little honey hole of clients looking for voice-over professionals like you and me. Using this resource is one of the gateways to getting new business fast.
Last in SESSION #5:
  • Proposal Template: Knowing how to write a good proposal is critical for getting your next voice over job. Say the wrong thing, quote the wrong price, and get little to no jobs. That’s why I’m giving you my proven proposal template for you to model and use. This way, your chance of getting that next voice over job goes up by 90%!
  • Giving Yourself A Pay Raise: I love the voice-over business. I love the freedom, flexibility, and lifestyle it can provide. Still, there are only so many hours we can work. This means to make more money; we have to give ourselves a pay raise. You’ll see how to do this WITHOUT spending more hours in the day or taking on more work. I call this my pruning strategy for growing your income.
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