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Meet Mike Previti.

Mike was so committed to his goal of launching his voice over business he got right to work with the Voice Over Blueprint™.

He listened to the training during his hourly drive to his job each day.

He understood this business takes commitment, and he got to work.

Watch this short interview I did with Mike and hear what he’s saying about the Voice Over Blueprint™ and his experience…
* (Income disclaimer: Results are based on this individuals own efforts.)
Meet Randy Scott.

When Randy joined the Voice Over Blueprint™, he committed to building a full-time voice over business.

Now, he’s making more money part-time than in his full-time job.

Here’s what Randy is saying about the Voice Over Blueprint™...
* (Income disclaimer: Results are based on this individuals own efforts.)
Meet Rob Reider.

Rob is a six-figure voice over business owner and Voice Over Blueprint™ member.

One thing Rob loves is the personal coaching from the live webinars. 

Here’s what Rob is saying about being a Voice Over Blueprint™ member...
* (Income disclaimer: Results are based on this individuals own efforts.)
Meet Eryn Andrews.

Eryn is a Mom and full-time NASA engineer.

When the thought of starting a little voice over business on the side came up, Eryn had no idea where to start.

Plus, she had some self-doubt because this was not her field of expertise.

She was looking for a side gig that allowed her to make what she calls “fun money.”

After watching a few of my videos on YouTube, she decided to become a Voice Over Blueprint™ member.

And within her first 90-days, she had her first job!

Listen to Eryn share her voice over journey...
* (Income disclaimer: Results are based on this individuals own efforts.)
The Voice Over Blueprint™ is great for anyone committed to launching their voice over business within the next 90-days.

Follow the blueprint step-by-step and watch as your voice over career starts to soar

Having a voice over business is a great way to control your financial future and have the freedom, flexibility, and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Click the BIG ORANGE button below that says "Continue Here..." to learn more about the Voice Over Blueprint™.
"Chris pretty much covers all aspects of business..."
"Chris took the super complex idea of having a product line that sells, and broke down the key milestones while also providing some serious training wheels."
- Paul Sokol
"Looking for real results, Chris's book..."
"If you are looking for real results, Chris's book brings insights and clarity into your business challenges. Chris Koehl’s method will help you understand where you are in your business, and define the steps to help you move forward. Chris has an amazing ability of boiling down all the “stuff” going on, and guides you to a clear and focused plan. I highly recommend him."
- Silvia Barten
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